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Rated AR: The Future Of Journaling

Rated AR: The Future Of Journaling

We are super excited to be sharing more about the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series with our friends at ZapWorks. We have been using Zappar tools to create Augmented Reality experiences since 2017. When we began developing the concept for the 2020 Life Film series, a part of our thought process was to find creative ways to incorporate the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Of course, Zappar was a go to for us to implement AR into this concept. We are super excited to share more about it! The webinar will be held Tuesday, November 24 at 11a.m./EST, 4p.m. London time. Please be sure to register and join us live or watch the replay.

See you there!!! #Excited #Thankful

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