• BeyondMe Productions

    LMichelleMedia's Official

    Non-Profit Production Division.

    We Produce Culturally Relevant Stories of Faith & The African American Experience.

  • BeyondMe Productions:

    Virtual Story Experiences

  • DayDream Impact Program:

    Stories of Faith: Letters To Our Fathers

    This VR Film project explores the reality of what happens in the lives of children whose fathers are incarcerated.

    The mission of the film was for the participants to read their Fathers a letter, while showing the "Letter of their Lives" in Virtual Reality. Stories of Faith: Letters To Our Fathers is a VR Film brought to you in part by

    The Google Daydream Impact Program(2019). The Interactive Film components and distribution are brought to you by WondaVR.

  • The Jump Start Program

    The Rattler Film

    A Film By: LMichelleMedia & The Jump Start Program(GoogleVR)

    This film marked the start of BeyondMe Productions.

    The first of its kind production was captured using a Jump Odyssey Camera

    (Sponsored through Jump, A Google VR Equipment Loan Program).

    The project required us to assemble a community team and film everything in 6-weeks.

    Experience The Florida A&M University "Marching 100"

    (Be Sure To Move Your Device Around To See The Film From Every Angle)

  • Behind The RattlerVR Film

    Check Out Our 360 Education Kit For More Information About The Film

  • Stories of Faith In Virtual Reality.

    BelieveVR became a reality after we made our first ever VR Film, Healed, featuring Nicky Collins.

    This film and other BelieveVR experiences can be viewed on our

    our BelieveVR YouTube Channel!

  • 2020 Life Film

    The #2020LifeFilm is a documentary film that is captured through the SnapChat Spectacles technology to give viewers a truly unique Point of View perspective. The film is a part of the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series, which is a

    10-year collection (2019-2029).

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